The first thing that usually comes to mind in the summertime is going to the beach, vacations, and relaxing by the pool. I used to think the same thing. That is, until I became a homeowner and got my first summer electric bill.

In Florida, they charge you more during the summer for your electric bill than they do in the wintertime. I’ve got a list of tips that will help reduce the sticker shock on your bill during the summer.

1. Try running your pool pump for only six hours a day.

2. Set your A/C to 75 degrees or higher. The best temperature during the day is at 82 degrees, and 75 to 77 degrees at night.

3. Turn the thermostat down on your hot water heater from 140 to 120 degrees.

4. Clean and replace your A/C filter every other month.

“In the summer, your electric bill will be higher.”

5. Turn off the fans whenever you leave a room.

6. Replace the old showerheads in the shower to new, water-saving showerheads.

7. Adjust the amount of load water your washing machine uses.

8. Clean your dryer lint filter before each use.

9. Replace your old light bulbs with newer, more efficient bulbs. If you are unable to do any of the other items on the list, at least do this one. It will help immensely.

I hope these tips can help you with lowering your electric bill. If you have any other questions or you’re looking to buy or sell a home, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be happy to help!